Winter 2019

Rel. 131: Buddhism

Spring 2019

Rel. 333: Meditation and Self-Knowledge

Academic year 2020–2021: On sabbatical leave.

Spring 2022 (planned)

Rel. 246 / Econ. 246: Caste at the Intersection of Economy, Religion, and Law (with Prof. Shikha Silwal) – in Nepal

Courses taught in other years

Rel. 103: Introduction to Asian Religion
Rel. 132: God and Goddess in Hinduism
Rel. 210: Approaches to the Study of Religion
Rel. 216: Sainthood in Four Traditions
Rel. 220 / Law 220: Whose Law? Pluralism, Conflict, and Justice
Rel. 222 / Law 355: Law and Religion
Rel. 225: Magic, Science, and Religion
Rel. 231: Yogis, Monks, and Mystics in India
Rel. 335 / Law 314: Hindu Law in Theory and Practice
Rel. 340: (Topics in Asian Religions) Banaras: Life and Death in a Holy City
Rel. 340: (Topics in Asian Religions) Religion, Community, and Conflict in South Asia
Skt. 101: Elementary Sanskrit I >> Sanskrit at W&L: An Overview
Skt. 102: Elementary Sanskrit II
Skt. 201–202: Intermediate Sanskrit >> 2013 staging of the Matta-vilāsa-prahasanam of Mahendra-Varman
Skt. 301: Advanced Readings in Sanskrit

Links for Students of Comparative Legal History